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Originating from South Africa, and after some years traveling via the UK, and Australia I finally found my way to Ireland. I’ve been living in Cork for the past 18 years with my husband and four wild, but beautiful boys.

I am a DONA trained Postnatal Doula, a yoga instructor and pregnancy yoga instructor. I currently run pregnancy yoga classes in the Essential Wellness Centre, Ballincollig and I write regular blogs for a Cork Kids and Moms.

My four boys have peppered my life with such wonderful experiences to add to my constant learning as a mother. Their births were all different, as babies they were all different and as they grow I’m constantly reminded that they are their own people and require different parenting strategies.

I have experienced a home birth, the long, difficult births, epidurals and inductions to the quiet smooth gentle births. I’ve had breastfeeding difficulties and successes. It’s been a roller coaster ride and learning to enjoy the ride has been amazing.

This is why I feel so strongly that Doulas and postnatal Doulas have such a necessary and important role in today’s society. Life can become so busy that it makes that roller coaster ride difficult to enjoy.

Have you ever heard yourself say in the midst of it all, “can you see I only have one pair of hands?” I have and still do mutter this on many occasions but none more than when I was in my new baby haze. As a postnatal Doula I can be those extra pair of hands.

I can help you with the general household chores, laundry, dishes etc. I can help prepare meals and snacks and help with newborn care. If you have older siblings I can help them make that transition to life with new small person in the house.

I will be an emotional and physical support to you and your family. A listening ear, someone to mind the baby while you take that longed for shower.

My hands are here to help.


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Helping Hands Cork Based Postnatal Doula & Pregnancy Yoga