What you can expect from your Postnatal Doula

As your postnatal doula I promise to provide you the mother, the new baby or babies (twins, triplets or more) and the whole family with a quality of care that will leave you feeling happy, healthy and unconditionally cared for.  I want you to remember your postpartum with joy and to be able to allow yourself the space and time that you need to make the transition to motherhood, whether it be the first or the sixth time.


I don’t offer packages as such as I think everyone is different and what package might suit one mom might not suit another.  There are many ways that I can be of help to you during your postnatal journey.  Just to give you an idea of how we can structure scheduling and ways in which I can make the transition to motherhood seamless I’ve listed some suggestions.  We can discuss these at length over a cuppa.

Planning your doula time

I am available Monday to Thursday mornings, 9am to 2pm (finish time is dependent on your location).  Evenings and weekends will have to be discussed nearer the time.  I am available to start my contract with you from the moment your baby is born, whether this is in the hospital, at home or when you return home; the choice is yours. As I have personal experience with multiples and I have worked with past clients with multiples my skills are second to none and I don't charge any extra for extra babies.


(As my family are still young my time available falls mainly in the mornings.  However please rest assured that I will get several items ticked off your to do list and have you all set up for the afternoon and evening allowing you time to rest and enjoy time with the rest of the family and the baby).

Please send me a message if you have any further queries, if you would like to find out about my availability, or if you would like to make a booking.

Newborn & Infant Care

Let me support you and your family as you transition to life with a new baby.  I can help with mother-baby bonding, infant soothing and basic newborn care.

Maximize Rest

Whether it's going back to bed for a nap in the morning or your are recovering from a C-Section, I can assist with nappy changes and comforting baby while you get some good quality sleep.

Food and Nourishment

I can prepare meals and ensure you have delicious snacks to hand.  I don't mind a trip to the grocery store either to stock up on essentials.


I can help you with the positioning and latch of the baby.  I can offer consistent advice to help you build confidence in successfully breastfeeding your baby.


Make a luxurious uninterrupted shower part of your daily routine.  I can hold down the fort.

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